Belly Button Healing

Belly Button Healing

Gut Health: Pathway to the  2nd Brain

The belly button wand is another tool for bringing more Happiness, Joy and Connection to your body. We create over 90% of our serotonin and 50% of our dopamine in our “gut brain.” Belly Button Healing is a quick, one-step, self-healing method that mindfully stimulates the belly button for gut and brain health, energy, and stress and pain relief. Belly Button Healing helps people who have lots of stress who might also have gut-related problems, low energy, and chronic pain. The belly button is an important reflexology point at the center of your body that stimulates your intestines and brain at the same time. By healing through the belly button for just 5 minutes 2-3 times a day, you can experience immediate stress and pain relief and more energy. You can easily add this to your daily lifestyle for self-care and well-being. I am Master Trainer in the Healing Life Course. Using this tool can reduce and sometimes reverse the effects of many brain disorders by creating a body/brain relationship.

In Eastern medicine, it is preferable to have the heat in the abdomen, rather than the head.  You may have heard the term “hot headed” to describe someone who has a temper or becomes easily frustrated. This is because their body heat is literally gathered in their head, making it hard for them to think and navigate through the waves of their emotions. Bringing the heat away from the head and into the gut allows for clearer thinking and promotes greater health in the vital organs.


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