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Crystalline Consciousness Technique™

Grow the Possibilities

My mission: to uplift and empower all of humanity to live healthy, happy, and peaceful lives by providing simple, natural, and innovative solutions to wellness that are readily available for daily living.

Learning about the energy of our emotions and what we want/need, we can very quickly affect and heal on all levels. Using CCT™, and Body & Brain healing techniques, we can address our entire self, whether we can perceive it or not. And, through our conscious awareness, easily and rapidly change to reflect the energetic shift.

Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT) is a unique system of energy for healing and manifesting. It is energy science, distinguishing CCT apart from other energy systems, in that, we are energy and CCT allows for conscious exploration and positive shifting. “CCT is either the way, or the way to the way.” CCT places you in the realm of miracles.

Individual Sessions

Utilizing the potential of permanent healing (transformation) and from a place of conscious intent, you are guided to release old patterns and invite new ones and live a life of Purpose along the path you are desire.

  • In person in the office
  • Distance healing by phone or video conferencing is another way to work together. Working together wherever you are in the world.
  • “Mini Session” are also available and very healing when time is limited and you need a tune-up. Only 15-20 mins.

Soul Charts

Energetic support on a system level for an individual, family or group/business. Create the perfect living/working environment. Soul charts usage is determined by the individual/group and their intentions.

Group Healing

These sessions can be done in person with entire group or as an intention for an individual as part of the group. I incorporate Soul charts and group healing for individuals, families or businesses. It quite fun and very transformative. Release distortions, dysfunctions and grow your purpose as a family, business or a couple. Click here for more info.

Heal Your Entire Group/Business

This is an eight week healing process that will completely transform your family, business or relationship. It includes a conversation or understanding of new groups energy, chart work and weekly energy meditations.

Tree of Life Healing Series

Six session commitment to reset the original homeostasis of balance: Can benefit the healing of auto-immune disorders by enhancing immune Function• Helps with spinal, hip problems; •“female problems;” •Centers energy in the bones for proper alignment to gravity; •Releases psychic suffering at the mental/emotional level; •May assist a woman’s sacrum prepare for birth. Click here for more info.

Classes and Training

As a certified Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ Master Teacher, here are classes you will want to take:

Transformative Self-Healing Course

Learn the Personal Transformative Self-Healing protocol, and learn to support and heal yourself. This class provides personal empowerment tools to create greater protection for you, while enhancing your connection and communication in groups. (4.5 hours). Click here for more info.

Level 2: Discovering the Divine Map of Transformation

Provides tools that enhance the well-being of the practitioner, the client and their groups. This protocol provides energetic framework to support healing and growth. The CCT™ Protocol provides a method of directing intention that results in more effective outcome with less stressful effort, benefiting both the client/patient and practitioner.

Crystalline Families (Prerequisite Pro 1&2)

Taught to parents who want to enhance their relationships and communication with family or family members. Share energy healing techniques for specific childhood issues, providing the Parent with tools to work on themselves and their children. This class can be taught as a 6 module webinar class or a 3 day retreat style class. This class is also taught for healing with your animals! Click here for more info.

CCT™ – Expressing Your Purpose

Grow Your Purpose through the expression of what brings you Joy and Happiness! This class is designed to heal your creative self, release creative blocks and teaches a CCT technique that quickly and easily prepares your energetic self without worrying if you are “doing it right.” Whether you want to be a writer, artist, speaker, or just be openly creative (or productive), this class is for you. The joy of connecting to your life purpose and not having blocks to your creative expression is a wonderful transformation. Click here for more info.