Level 5 Crystalline Consciousness Technique

CCT Level 5

Becoming a Master of Transformation- The Golden Spiral

  • Become a Master of Transformation
  • Flower of Life Healing Chamber
  • Developing Crystalline Light Consciousness
  • Meeting Yourself as a Light Being (can be done in class)
  • The Golden Spiral Chart (Fibonacci sequence)
  • Applications for the Golden Spiral Chart

Transformation spirals energetically… in this class, we dive deep into the science behind it and how to align everything we do to the Golden Spiral of Transformation.

You will learn a new soul chart (The Golden Spiral Chart), as well as several other extremely useful advanced tools, such as advanced ways to set up your Crystalline Energy Fields, the Holographic Time Chamber, and Mini Sessions for Groups of people.

Pre-requisites: CCT Professional Level 1& 2, 3 & 4 (online or in-person, 12 Hour course $600).